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Sublimity – or what would one pour on the pastis.

Our friend Ph. Rochat, for many years culinary captain of the legendary Hotel de Ville in Crissier, left much too early. He was a mentor to countless chefs and hospitality professionals. With iron discipline he pursued perfection, every day in search of the seamless service. He was down-to-earth and generous. He loved the mountains, the fresh air, pureness.

He loved the mountains, the fresh air, pureness. We would like to share this again here, because his words touch and remind us you how powerful and sublime the nature of this region is.

He wrote: «Whenever I look at the Rhone glacier from Gletsch, watching the fresh water, the blood of this earth, trickling down as a rivulet, starting on its epic journey, which will end in Marseille. And when I am back in my chalet, I am asking myself what the Marseillais would use to dilute their Pastis if we up here were to close the tap.»

«When I look at the sea or at a mountain, I feel enormous reverence for the power of nature, for its grandeur and also for the strange serenity, which, I feel, has been part of it time out of mind. You feel incredibly small in nature, even more so in the mountain than at the seaside.»

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