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Mountain restaurant… Revisited.

Powerful and breathtakingly elegant, the Gütsch nestles on a small plateau over Andermatt to the summits. The view over the Central Swiss Alps is endless. Here, Markus Neff cultivates his stringent fine cuisine ‘From Valley Low to Mountain High.’ The chef is keeping both feet solidly on the ground, he respects his product and exercises the art of proportion in his own humble, but nevertheless confident way.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is cheerful and light-hearted, elegant. Packed with people eating, drinking, and celebrating: Swiss wine from small producers is the preferred recommendation and immediately uncorked. Refined hospitality is synonymous with celebrating life. That’s what we stand for, day after day, in wind and weather.

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The Way UP

Starting point Andermatt

The mountain restaurant Gütsch by Markus Neff is located directly at the mountain station Gütsch-Express. Thus, it is easily accessible with the gondola of Andermatt, the distance from the station to the bottom station of the Gütsch Express is approximately 50 metres. By walking from Andermatt, it is a march of approximately 2 h, thereby, one overcomes a height difference of 1000 metres. The ascent is not technically complicated.

Tickets are available at the station. Benefit from the advantages of the guest card or the special offer mountain railways Including from two overnight stays. More information here

Restaurant Gütsch Gondel

The Way UP

Starting point Andermatt

The mountain restaurant Gütsch by Markus Neff is located directly at the top station of the Gütsch-Express gondola lift. It is easily accessible from Andermatt for both snow sports enthusiasts and pedestrians. The railway-station Andermatt features an underground connection to the entrance of the Gondola. The distance to the Gütsch Express station is approx. 50 meters, about 100 meters to THE CHEDI Andermatt We are happy to help wheelchair users, just give us a call.

Starting point Oberalp – Sedrun side of the Skiarena

The Gütsch – Flyer chairlift takes you from the Oberalp Sedrun side directly to the restaurant.


«The outlook is good: we are constantly adapting our concept to the new directives of the canton. There should be no lack of enjoyment. Whether take-away or perhaps soon again as usual. We keep our fingers crossed. «

Opening hours: 09-15.30

03.07.2021 – 17.10.2021


107 DAYS Summer Season 2021
03.07.2021 until and including 17.10.2021
Daily from 9.30 to 15.30, depending on weather conditions
Our restaurant is small, and we warmly recommend making reservations.

Instant online reservation available under: Table Reservation
Oder: admin@guetsch.com
Or: Phone: 058 200 69 07

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Bergrestaurant Gütsch Andermatt

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The Mountain is calling and I must GO.

One feels oneself more intensely in the mountains and near the sea: simpler, brighter, fresher. The light inspires the soul, free and light. Hunger and thirst have a different quality. Join us for a unique alpine lifestyle.

What brings together and holds together.

Restaurant people enjoy being busy, when pleasure gives way to the everyday life, when kitchen and restaurant growl like a beehive. Laughter, smile, well-being. This is the very special currency that restaurateurs appreciate.

It is probably what brings so many teams together and keeps them together. Admittedly with addictive potential.


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– We will answer your questions –

Which ticket would I have to buy?

Please ask for the pedestrian tariff at the ticket office of the mountain railways/cable cars.

What cable car brings me to the restaurant?

The Gütsch Express. The gondola entrance is opposite the station. It is the only gondola that one sees in the immediate proximity of the station. If you arrive by train, you can comfortably cross under the street on a rolling carpet. In and around the station, the Gütsch Express is well signposted.

Which slopes lead to the restaurant?

The mountain restaurant Gütsch can be reached from the Andermatt side by taking the Gütsch Express to the end of the 2nd section, which is the very top. Coming from Sedrun side the restaurant is located at the end of the Gütsch flyer. From the top station it is 20 meters to the building.

How long does the restaurant Gütsch by Markus Neff exists?

The restaurant was opened end of December 2019.

Is there a special childrens menu?

We always offer fresh pasta and we have some additional offers like chicken fingers and potato mousseline. We also prepare smaller portions of dishes of the regular menu at any time. However, we do not have a special children’s menu. One thing is for sure: guaranteed homemade and freshly prepared.

Can the restaurant be booked exclusively?

Yes. There are several possibilities to plan events up on the Gütsch. You can reach us under: admin@guetsch.com. One thing is a given. Events up on the mountain are very special.

Is the restaurant open year-round?

We would like to be on the mountain all year round… But the winter season is from mid December to mid April and the summer from mid July to mid October.

Does the menu change winter to summer?

Yes. We change the menu from winter to summer. We try to do our best to fit our offer to the season, nature and possible guest expectations. You will find the menu on the website.

Are credit card details required for a reservation?

No, credit card details are not necessary.

Does the restaurant accept credit cards? If yes which ones?

We accept all major credit cards.

Are the opening hours the same, summer and winter?

The opening hours are about the same. 15.30 is the last order for the hot kitchen.

Is the restaurant open at all weather conditions?

In principle YES. Should the weather situation be very unstable, we reserve the right to keep the restaurant closed. Also for this reason it is important that we have a reservation system that allows us to provide information to our guests.

Is the restaurant barrier-free?

We are available to accompany you from the gondola to the restaurant (a wheelchair is available at the top station). The mountain restaurant has a disabled toilet and we are happy to provide comprehensive assistance.

Is it true, there are two restaurants in the same building?

Yes, The Japanese by CHEDI, and Gütsch by Markus Neff. The Japanse by CHEDI is the top-class, brilliant mountain location of the Japanese @ THE CHEDI, in the Gütsch by Markus Neff you will find cuisine from VALLEY to MOUNTAIN HIGH. Refined, homemade, straightforward.

Does the Restaurant Gütsch by Markus Neff belongs to the Chedi?

No. Gütsch by Markus Neff is an independent, small company that is lucky to be able to work in Andermatt. From time to time both restaurants cater jointly.The spirit of both restaurants cultivates the pleasures of hospitality, service and diversity.